Motorcycle BRZ X6 (177FMM, 2022)

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Capacity: 250 cc; Type: Cross/enduro; Power: 31 hp; Engine: ZS177FMM; Engine type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke; Gearbox: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6; Fuel supply system: Carburetor NIBBI PWK 34; Front suspension: Front fork with closed cartridge type QXF05RC; Rear suspension: QXR05 rear shock absorber with remote reservoir

BRZ X6 motorcycle (177FMM, 2022)

The BRZ X6 motorcycle feels perfect in  enduro and country cross disciplines. It will be ideal after owning the air gun. Juicy lows give confidence when overcoming difficult obstacles and climbs with changes. From the gas it lifts to the rear wheel in any gear!


The motorcycle is based on the most popular NC250 engine (ZS177FMM). In '22, it was decided not to equip the engine with a larger piston, because The 300cc piston requires constant and complex adjustments, resizing jets, etc. The 250 is much simpler and more stable in this regard. It's also more balanced and performs well at both low and high revs.


Paired with the engine is a NIBBI PWK 34 carburetor, reliable and unpretentious in operation.

Exhaust system

To realize the full potential of the engine, the BRZ X6 uses a tuned exhaust system. Increased the length and diameter of the exhaust pipe. The diameter and design of the “pear” have been increased for better support of exhaust gases, which gives a noticeable increase in the low end.


To transfer all the engine power to the transmission, the clutch system was modified. Reinforced Japanese discs (iron and friction) from the Japanese brand FCC are installed. A clutch cover with a built-in additional nozzle is also used, through which oil is supplied and additionally cools and lubricates the disc package. This system extends the life of the clutch and makes it possible to overcome difficult obstacles where you need to “etch” the clutch. To facilitate squeezing, special cables with reduced friction are used due to a special polyurethane sheath of the steel cable, as well as a special adapter bracket for easy squeezing.


The radiators of the cooling system are reliably protected by an aluminum frame with spacer bushings. A fan is installed on the right radiator in the base, also packaged in aluminum protection so that it does not fail at a critical moment. Rubber hoses have been replaced with silicone ones; they cope better with temperature and do not dry out over time.


All full-size BRZ models are built on the new K8 frame. It is made in the likeness of the KTM 2017-2022 frame. Thanks to the lightweight steel frame, the motorcycle has the correct weight distribution, it steers better in turns and is more stable at high speeds. Aluminum engine protection is installed on the front of the frame.


The subframe is made of aluminum. Lightweight and durable, unlike plastic, it can withstand falls or unwanted flips, and can be straightened out if deformed.


Paired with the new frame, a new pendulum is used. It is produced using gravity casting technology, which gives high torsional rigidity. From the factory, the pendulum is covered in plastic protection. She will take all the scratches and blows. If you want to return your motorcycle to its factory appearance, simply update the protection.


The BRZ X6m uses reinforced hubs that are made from a single piece of CNC machined aluminum. 4mm reinforced spokes, aluminum rims "Enduro X series" from aircraft aluminum 7075.


Tires of the European brand "Golden Tire", supplied under the Mariey brand , made of a moderately soft compound, especially for enduro. They have good grip on hard rocky surfaces and, due to their high tread, work well in mud and sand. The rear tire is 140mm wide, now there is no need to change tires on a new motorcycle!


The BRZ X6m received the HT top suspension. Front fork with closed cartridge type QXF05RC. Mirror diameter 48mm. The fork is fully adjustable for rebound and compression. The QXR05 rear shock with remote reservoir also has rebound and compression adjustments, plus the ability to adjust slow compression via an additional bypass valve. The suspension successfully copes with heavy loads on high-speed cross-country tracks with high jumps. It can also be relaxed for enduro.

Cross beams

CNC cross bars are made of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. They can withstand heavy loads, are lightweight and durable.


The brakes are completely identical to the Brembo configuration. Predictably and reliably stop the bike at any speed. To protect the brake discs from deformation, protective covers are installed at the front and rear.

Fuel tank

The updated fuel tank has an increased volume. Translucent plastic allows you to visually monitor the fuel level even while moving. The new tank does not have a left “cheek” protruding beyond the plastic dimensions; the fuel tap does not suffer when the motorcycle falls on the left side.


In the new generation, the filterbox provides quick and easy access to the air filter. The filter itself has an increased surface area, providing more clean air for the engine. The filter is factory treated with oil that traps small dust particles.


The motorcycle is equipped with a durable aluminum steering wheel with a diameter of 28 mm of variable section. As standard, the motorcycle comes with hand protection and improved handlebar mounts, which reduce the risk of rotation in the event of a fall. The clutch and brake levers have convenient offset adjustments, providing additional comfort when piloting. In the event of a fall, they can also fold in two planes, the risk of breakage is minimal. The new models are equipped with a short-stroke NIBBI throttle handle with a roller on a bearing. Thanks to the short stroke, there is no need to waste energy on intercepting your hand when opening the gas.


Self-cleaning footboards do not become clogged with dirt. The boots will always maintain traction, no need to take your eyes off the road. A brake pedal safety cable was also added. It will protect the brake pedal from damage if a tree branch gets between the engine and the pedal.


The updated seat is made of more durable material, and special strips prevent the seat from sliding on long climbs.


The BRZ X6m 22 model year is made in the design of KTM 2020-2022. Special individuality is emphasized by the use of different colored plastic on the front and rear of the motorcycle. The back of all models is black. The front part is made in its own color scheme. The headlight also received a new design. It became five-LED with a lower “eyelash”. Particular attention is paid to stickers. New technologies were used in the graphic design, which made it possible to create individual elements with a mirror effect. The colors of all elements are selected in such a way that the motorcycle looks as harmonious and complete as possible.


Particular attention is paid to the assembly of motorcycles. All BRZ motorcycles are filled with Motul 7100 10w40 oil from the factory. Waterproof wiring connectors are used. All bearings are treated with special grease. You no longer need to spend extra money and time preparing the motorcycle for use.

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